Soap Box:  Assault of Dejuan Yourse by Greensboro Cop

October 14, 2016

In June of 2016, Dejuan Yourse (grown black man) was sitting on his mother’s front porch, waiting for his mother to come home, when he was approached by Greensboro NC police officers Charlotte Jackson and Travis Cole.  They had received a call about a man with a shovel, trying to break into a garage.  Fair enough.  Yourse was very police, all yes sirs and no sirs.  Gave them his identification.  Identified himself and that it was his mother’s house.  Explained that he used the shovel to gently lever up the garage door to see if he dog was in there.  Everything checked out.  But the police wouldn’t leave.  Yourse had lived there on and off with his mom for years.  He could name the neighbors.  He tried to call him mom, but it went to voice mail.  He even handed Officer Cole his phone so he could see the names and numbers in it.  When he offered to escort the cop to the next door neighbor that would verify who he was, Officer Cole got an attitude.  He pushed Yourse back and yelled at him to sit down.  Yourse asked why the cop was behaving that way.  Yourse then called someone else that could identify him, saying to come over quickly because he was being harassed by cops, which was a totally true, and not exaggerated statement.  Officer Cole went berserk!

Officer Cole snatched at the phone in Yourse’s hand and attacked him.  Yourse in surprise, kept asking why Cole was doing what he was doing.   Cole punched and hit Yourse, trying to put handcuffs on him.  Yourse is lucky Cole didn’t shoot him.  The cops had no cause to be treating Yourse in this manner, or even arresting him.  Yourse yelled out that he wasn’t resisting.  In fact, I don’t think Cole ever said Yourse was under arrest.  He just attacked him.  They eventually get Yourse handcuffed, on the ground face down, and Cole puts his knee on Yourse’s head/neck.  They tried to charge Yourse with resisting arrest, assault, etc.

The end result?  Luckily because it was all recorded on the cops’ body cameras, all the false charges against Yourse were dropped.  And rather than being fired, the cops resigned.  But this is NOT a completely good ending.  These cops are criminals that assaulted an American citizen, that had done nothing wrong, and that was fully cooperating with them.  It seems that being accused of harassment, which is exactly what Cole was doing, sent him into a rage, which is why he attacked Yourse.  The other cop, Jackson, joined in so she’s just as liable.  The district attorney decided not to press charges against the cops, which shows that the level of corruption extends beyond the police department.  Not only should these cops be charged with the crime they committed, assault, there should be more serious charges because they committed their crimes while carrying firearms, and under the color of authority.  They should serve prison time!

This is a huge problem with our justice system, and why there is such discord and disrespect toward the police.  Bad apples, such as Officer Cole, are not punished.  And given he was allowed to just resign, he can move on to another police department and continue to harass more citizens.  A cop with this kind of attitude will eventually end up killing someone.   We can never fix the problem until we start prosecuting rogue and corrupt cops to the fullest extent of the law.

NOTE:  Given both officers wore body cameras, the entire incident was recorded, which is good for Yourse.  If not for the video, these corrupt cops would probably still be on the Greensboro police force and Yourse would probably be in jail.  This is yet another example of why all police interaction with the public should be recorded.  It protects the good cops from false claims, and it exposes the bad cops such as these two.

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