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This is an Adams & Westlake Reliable lantern from the Delaware & Hudson Company Railroad.  The lid is stamped with D&H.CO.

The tall clear globe is cast with The D&H.  The clear globe was used for general signaling.. 

Delaware & Hudson Railroad

The Delaware and Hudson Railway (the D&H) is a historic railroad that operated in the northeastern United States .  The D&H started as the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company.  Charted in 1823, it built a canal to haul anthracite coal to the New York City area.  The canal was opened to traffic in 1828.  The company also built a large gravity railroad to help move the coal.  In 1829, the D&H made history by running itís first locomotive, named the Stourbridge Lion, on rails, the first locomotive to do so in the United States .  Coal was hauled solely via the canal and gravity railroad until 1860, at which time the companies added steam locomotives as another hauling method. The water canal was as successfully operated until 1898.  The company name dropped the Canal portion from its name in 1899 to reflect the lack of the canal.

 Through the years, the D&H created and merged with various other railroads.  The name changed from Delaware and Hudson Company, to Delaware and Hudson Railroad (1928), and finally to Delaware and Hudson Railway (1968).  The D&H was operated until 1991 when it was bought by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).  While the D&H no longer exists as a separate entity, its tracks and routes are still used by the CPR.

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Note that this is a camel back locomotive, with the engineer cab located in the center section of the engine.

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