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Last update:  11/07/17

Larry & Doris Krise should be your first stop when you are looking for parts such as globes, burners, wicks, lenses, etc. for your lanterns and lamps.  They have some of the best prices around and are very good people.  They sincerely want to help you out in this fascinating hobby.  All too often someone will abandon the idea of restoring a piece of railroad history because it costs too much too get the necessary parts.  Thanks to Larry & Doris, they may be able to find that part they need at a reasonable price.

Below you'll see a price list of the more common things they sell.  If you don't see what you need on the list, shoot them an email, because they sell a whole lot more.  When I needed the globe retainer for a No. 39 lantern, they delivered.  When I needed to replace a broken latch on a switch lamp in my railroad lantern collection, they had exactly what I needed and helped me with suggestions of how to fix my lamp.

Please tell them I sent you!  :)


Larry & Doris Krise

24173 US 12 East

Edwardsburg, MI 49112

(269) 699-7072



Following is a list of some of the RR parts that we normally have available for sale. 

Prices do not include shipping. 

Please tell us your order and your zip code, and we will compute the shipping cost for you.


Cost per Each Item

Adlake #300 Fount and Burner     


Burners For Adlake Switch Lamps Holds Pyrex Chimney


Burners For Markers Threaded Style Adlake Dressel Handlan


Caboose Marker Bracket Adlake #270


Caboose Marker Founts Adlake #270


Collars for Marker Oil Tanks Brass Threaded Collars 2 Sizes


Draw Bands (Coupling Rings) For Lamp Lens Made of Brass 
Sizes Include  4, 4 1/8 ,4 , 5, 5 3/8 6 3/8      Regular Width In All Sizes


G Sockets for Hanging Markers


Gaskets Rubber Sizes include from 4 to 6 3/8

4 for $5.00 or $1.50 ea

Globes Corning Style 5 3/8 Tall Kelly Green and Cobalt Blue


Founts 31oz Drop-In Round Style for Adlake Switch Lamp


Founts 31oz Slide-In Rectangular For Dressel, Handlan or Adlake


Handles For Adlake Hand Lanterns


Handles For Adlake Markers


Hasp Springs For Adlake Marker Lamp Used to hold top down


Lenses 4 Glass Kopp Optical Green


Lenses 4 Glass Kopp Optical Green, Red and Amber


Lenses 5 3/8 Glass Kopp Optical Red and  Green


Lenses 5 3/8 Glass Kopp Optical   Amber and Clear


Lenses 5 Glass Kopp Optical Clear, Red, Green and Amber


Lenses 5 Glass Spread Green


Lenses 6 3/8 Glass Kopp Optical Red


Marker 2 piece Smoke Cone Adlake Square Top    (Vent Cone Only $15)


Marker Fill Caps 5/8 Diameter Threads for Founts


Marker Snow Hoods 4 , 5 and 5 3/8


Marker Top Adlake Square Top Lid Only For Markers


Marker Top Legs For attaching Adlake Marker Tops


Pyrex Style Glass Switch Lamps Chimneys


Semaphore Lens Rings 8 3/8 Size


Semaphore Lenses Glass   Green, Amber and Red Size 8 3/8


Spring Latch For Hand Lantern Lids Made From Spring Steel


Wick Risers Adlake style to attach to switch lamp body 3 & 6 lengths


Wicks for Hand Lanterns Flat Various sizes available


Wicks for Markers Round


Updated November 7, 2017

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