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Created:  11/05/13

Last update:  11/29/17


This is a caboose lamp made by the Aladdin company.  It uses a mantel instead of common wick.  These were used inside cabooses and other cars as a form of lighting to see by.

While these lamps were powered by kerosene, they are much brighter than your typical kerosene lantern or lamp.  These are mantle style lamps.  The wick is cylinder shaped, and below the mantle mesh.  The flame from the wick causes the mantle to glow very brightly.  The light it produced is equivalent to 6 or 7 normal kerosene lamps that have flat wicks and not mantles.

The bracket that holds the lamp has tension springs.  While mine no longer has this tag, the above tag came on new lamps.  It describes how to adjust the bracket to limit up and down movement.  The springs help cushion the lamp against heavy shocks or movement, but they can't be too loose.

The wall bracket has a slot for holding the wick cleaner.  Made of  brass, the cleaner is embossed with:  Aladdin WICK CLEANER

This is the inside of a caboose that was on the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railroad.  Notice the Aladdin lamp on the right wall.

I must admit, I don't know much about interior railroad illumination.  I wish I could find a good reference book on the subject.

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