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Last update:  10/30/09


This lantern was made by the Hiram L. Piper company, for the Canadian Pacific Railway.  The amber/orange globe (officially yellow) means it was used to mark camp cars, or for Form 19 orders, or maybe by people tending the switches.  This railroad requested a wooden handle (more comfortable handling?).  The little wire at the top of the handle was added by me so that it would hang properly on a wall bracket.

Here's how the lantern looks when it's lit.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive #5068 in Leanchoil, B.C.  The year is 1913 or later.

The Canadian Pacific Railway was formed to physically unite Canada from the east coast to the west coast. Ground breaking was on June 1, 1875, with incorporation coming in February of 1881. The construction of the railroad has a fascinating and tragic history. Many Chinese workers lost their lives building the section through British Columbia. The railroad also had to work out a treaty with the Blackfoot Indians when a portion of the track crossed a section of their reserve. The Canadian Pacific Railway also ventured into other areas of business as it continued to grow, even owning ships and aircraft. Read all about it on one of their websites:

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