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This is an Adams & Westlake lantern from the Grand Trunk Railway.  It's the Adlake Reliable model and has a bell bottom.  The lid is marked with G.T.R.

It has a clear globe (tall, as used in Reliable model lanterns) used for general signaling.  The globe is strongly etched with G.T.Ry.  

Grand Trunk Railway

The Grand Trunk Railway ( GTR ) was a railway system which operated in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario , as well as the American states of Connecticut , Maine , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , and Vermont .  While the railway operated from headquarters in Montreal , the corporate headquarters were in London , England . 

The GTR had three important subsidiaries during its lifetime:

Central Vermont Railway which operated in Quebec , Vermont , Massachusetts and Connecticut ;

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway which operated in Manitoba , Saskatchewan , Alberta , and British Columbia ;

Grand Trunk Western Railroad which operated in Michigan , Indiana , and Illinois .

The Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada was incorporated in November, 1852.  The railway line was run from Montreal to Toronto . A couple of impressive construction feats were associated with the GTR was the first successful bridging of the St. Lawrence River in August, 1860, bridging of the Niagara River, and the construction of a tunnel beneath the St. Clair River.  Over the years the GTR expanded and prospered.

Grand Trunk's Bonaventure Station, Montreal, 1900s

Canada 's worst railway accident based on loss of life happened on the GTR in June, 1864.  A a passenger train missed a signal for an open drawbridge and plunged onto a passing barge, killing 99 German immigrants

The GTR was absorbed into the Canadian National Railway (CNR) after defaulting on loan payments and a few years of financial difficulties.  The corporate name "Grand Trunk" remains in use by CNR (CN after 1960) to this day. CN operated the GTW as its primary U.S. subsidiary until privatization of CN in 1995. The GTW has been transformed into the modern-day holding company "Grand Trunk Corporation" under which CN has placed the assets of major U.S. post-privatization purchases, namely Illinois Central, Wisconsin Central, and Great Lakes Transportation.

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