JeffPo's Grandfather Mountain Page

Last update:  09/25/99

Grandfather Mountain is one of the highest peaks in the Blue Ridge mountains through North Carolina.  At about a mile high, it doesn't really compare to the west coast mountains for height, but it still is beautiful country to be in.

Grandfather Mountain as seen from Blowing RockThis is a view of Grandfather Mountain (in the distance) as seen from Blowing Rock.

Swinging bridge on Grandfather MountainThis is a shot of the "mile high" swinging bridge on Grandfather Mountain.

View of swinging bridge of Grandfather Mountain from belowHere's a view of the swinging bridge from below and off the beaten path.

me sitting on edge of cliff on Grandfather MountainHere's a shot of me on a ledge on Grandfather Mountain.  It's lots of fun climbing all over the rocks.

"Hanging" from Grandfather MountainMoments later I was clinging to the edge for dear life!!!  Yes, of course this image is staged.

View from Grandfather MountainAs I hiked up to the peak of Grandfather Mountain, I snapped this picture of a wonderful view.

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