JeffPo's Halloween 2006 Page

Last update:  09/25/07

The weather for Halloween 2006 was quite favorable.  The kids were excited as usual, and they carved pumpkins again.  The trick-or-treating was a little disappointing.  We were surprised to find so many houses dark and not answering the door.  We also didn't see many trick-or-treaters.  I guess the kids in our area are growing up, or going to other neighborhoods.  We still got a good amount of candy and had a lot of fun.

Jonathan was a ghoul this year.  He had glowing red eyes, that would fade in and out.  He reminded me of the small creatures on Star Wars.

Victoria was a witch this year.  Not an ugly witch, but a pretty witch.  I liked the purple colors.  Reminded me of Witchy Poo off of Puff-n-Stuff.

I was once again the grim reaper.  This year I wore a mask instead of painting my face.  My lantern with an amber globe gave it the final touch.  My outfit seemed to spook a few people that I encountered.  While the mask was definitely more scary this year, it was also very hot and limited my vision.  I won't be using it again.

Lynn was a bloody surgeon.  Her mom works in a hospital and provided the gear.

Once again, the kid's jack-o-lanterns turned out great.  Victoria did a cat with a jack-o-lantern.  We added the bat.  Jonathan did a monster pumpkin.  I guess you'd call it a Franken-Pumpkin.  We also had our usual display of artificial pumpkins on the front porch.

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