Soap Box:  Honoring Confederates and Roland S. Martin demonstrates more racism

April 12, 2010

The Republican governor of Virginia was the target of negative comments this past week because he declared April to be Confederate History month without focusing on slavery.  He said the initial purpose was to talk about the sacrifices Virginians made for the Confederacy and to promote tourism (i.e. museums, battlefields, etc.).  After all the negative backlash (which I think was due to partisan politics coming from the Democrats), the governor issued another statement saying it was a mistake to not talk about slavery.  For the record, I think the original statement was fine without mentioning slavery.  The goal wasn’t to talk about the reasons for the war but to talk about what Virginia did and get people to visit.

 However, what has really ticked me off about this whole episode is that people are coming out of the word work to criticize and vilify anyone who has something positive to say about the South or offers any honor toward the Confederates who fought and died for their states.  CNN political analyst Roland S. Martin has said the worst that I’ve seen.  He said “celebrating the Confederates was akin to honoring Nazi soldiers for killing of Jews”.  He said Southerners who fought in the war are the same as “Muslim extremists”.  He said they are just like “Osama bin Laden”.  He has compared Confederates to “Muslim radicals” who are suicide bombers.  He even compared them to the “9/11 hijackers”.  Martin said they “sound exactly like the Taliban”.  In the end he said the Southerners were nothing more than “domestic terrorists”.

 Is he right?  NO!  Of course not!  Martin is an idiot that doesn’t know his tail from a hole in the ground.  If you don’t know, Martin is black.  And his comments are TOTALLY based on his racial bias.  In the past he has attacked white people for flying the Confederate flag, labeled Confederates as traitors (wonder how he feels about the founding fathers?), and thinks people exercising their free expression rights should be punished if they disrespect a black person (i.e. minority themed parties).  But when it comes to the Hip Hop culture that portrays black women as sexual objects, as whores, as promiscuous, that promotes drugs and gang violence, Martin thinks that’s fine and dandy.  He says that’s okay because it’s helped the black men become millionaires.  I’m serious!  He actually said this.  Martin is nothing more than a black racist, a hypocrite, and is clueless about why Southerners fought in the Civil War.

 Even though the majority did NOT own slaves, they fought anyway.  It was out of loyalty to their state, and to fight against Northern aggression.  That was the mindset of the time.  They were not fighting because they were racist.  Remember that Northerners were just racist as any Southerner.  General Robert E. Lee was asked to fight for the Union but chose to give his loyalty to Virginia because that’s what people did back then (remember the country less than 100 years old at the time.  It had nothing to do with hating blacks, or being a terrorist or a traitor.  It was about honor and duty to ones birthplace.  The Southern Confederates had more loyalty, honor, patriotism, and integrity in their little fingers that some racist like Roland S. Martin has in his whole body.  People like Martin are clueless about real history of the people of the United States.  When he glorifies violence in lyrics, treating women like trash, vulgar language, etc just because it benefits those of his own race, it shows you what kind of worthless person he is.  Those that are proud of their Southern heritage should pay no attention to such idiots.

 Jeff Polston

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