Jeffpo's Inventory of Lantern Parts


Last update:  11/13/17

This webpage is just a personal inventory of the various lantern parts I have so I can keep up with them.  They are not for sale.  I'm just trying to keep up with what I have so I can use them or buy other parts to complete a lantern.

Dietz #39 bellbottom lantern (fuel fount?)

Dietz Vesta NYCL lantern with cast NYCL clear globe (complete lantern)

Unmarked Adlake kero, clear globe (complete lantern, using in 3 season room)

Adams & Westlake switch lamp (no fuel fount, electrified, sitting on top of switch assembly)

Armspear marker lamp (no fuel fount, no mounting bracket, electrified, turned into a table lamp.  This is a second one like I have on my webpage.)

Dietz #39 bellbottom lantern, painted, electrified (Pretty rusted state.  Just bought it for the globe, though might repaint and use.)

Dressel crossing gate lamp fount/burner

Armspear 1925 burners

Switch lamp burners

Other fuel founts

Clear Pennsylvania Lines tall globe (need a lantern for this)

Clear CPR cast short globe? (found a container labeled as such, but haven't verified that's actually what's in it)

Unmarked Adlake Kero lantern with CPR style wooden handle.  Unfired.

Chimney for lamp burner

Vesta fuel fount (look in box of lantern parts)

Tall and short globes

Other globes, fresnel


Lens retaining rings

Lantern road names I already have:


Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR)

Penn Central

New Haven (Dietz Vesta)

New York Central  Various versions.




Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)

Maine Central

Wabash  Switch lamp

Boston & Albany (B&A)

Norfolk & Western

Boston & Maine (B&M)

Union Pacific  Switch lamp

Grand Trunk Railway (GTR)

Delaware & Hudson (D&H)

Louisville & Nashville (L&N)

Canadian National Railways (CNR)  Marker lamp

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie (P&LE, Vesta)

Lake Short & Michigan Southern Railway (LS&MS)

Empire State Railroad (ESR)

Atlantic Coast Line (ACL)

Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB)  Switch lamp

Central Railroad of New Jersey (CRR of NJ)

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis (CCC&StL)

Pullman Palace Car Company

Northern Pacific (NP)  Partial lantern.  Wrong fuel fount.

Seaboard Airline (SAL)

Soo Line

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (DL&WRR)

Florida East Coast (FEC)

Nickel Plate Road (NKP)

Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh (B. R.& P. RY)

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad (CM&StP)

Chicago & North Western Railway (C&NW RY)

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