Update:  08/08/07

Just SAY NO to John Edwards

 Former U.S. Senator John Edwards is running for president as a Democrat.  Let me qualify that to say he is STILL running for president.  Edwards has been seeking the White House in some form or fashion ever since being elected for his single term in 1998.  He is driven by his own ambition and ego for personal gain.  He cares nothing about the citizens of the United States or serving their needs.  It’s all about him, as my fellow North Carolinians discovered soon after he was elected senator and was never around.  He’s been on the campaign trail for vice-president or president ever since.  His hypocrisy knows no bounds and Democrats and Republicans will be ill served to vote for him in the primaries or the general election if he makes it that far.

 Edwards made his multi-millions as a personal injury trial attorney, probably the lowest form of lawyer there is.  He sued corporations and medical businesses.  He would take 1/3 of the judgments.  Wonder why medical insurance is so high?  Look to those like Edwards.

 As a senator, Edwards seemed to spend most of his time campaigning.  While out campaigning for the 2004 presidential elections, this hypocrite had the nerve to criticize President Bush saying he wished the President would spend a day doing what he’s doing, by getting out and meeting the people.  But Edwards was meeting the people (in other states) to get their votes.  He should have spent one damn day doing what he was SUPPOSE to be doing, which was representing North Carolina as a US Senator!  He fully supported President Bush’s flawed invasion of Iraq .  In fact, this hypocrite actually criticized Hillary Clinton’s vote on the war even though he voted the exact same way!

 Edwards campaigns about “two Americans”, one for the rich and one for the poor.  Which one do you think he belongs to?  He built and lives in a 28,000 square foot house.  Yes, that’s right…twenty eight THOUSAND square feet!  Such extravagance and “let them eat cake” attitude is disgusting.  And his wife has the nerve to complain about her country neighbors (who lived there BEFORE their created their estate) because they don’t fit her standards.

 Edwards gets $400 haircuts and goes to trendy spa and salons.  But get this, he doesn’t pay for it himself.  He uses money from his Democratic campaign!  This multi-ultra-rich-millionaire can’t pay for his own haircuts?  And he wants us to believe he will represent middleclass America ?  Don’t be fooled by this slick lawyer!

 Hypocrite John Edwards also receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary to speak about poverty and advise on a hedge fund for the superrich.  He criticizes the abuse of the  abuse of the tax code by hedge fund managers, even though he has, in the past, provided consulting services for some of those managers.  Can you believe a word this man says?

Last I heard, he still owed some local small businesses for services they provided for his LAST campaign.  The bills amount to a few thousand dollars yet this ultra rich multi-millionaire refuses to pay his debt!  John Edwards should not be trusted.

 Edwards briefly became director of the Center on Poverty, Work & Opportunity. But just as he abandoned the people of North Carolina to campaign, he turned his back on the Center for his new campaign. He took that post only to add to his resume in his bid for the presidency. Don't trust him. He doesn't care about you. Don't vote for him.

 The bottom line is that John Edwards is a hypocrite that only cares about himself and his collection of power and wealth.  He doesn’t represent poor Americans, or even middle class Americans.  He was a poor excuse for a senator for North Carolina and will be a poor excuse of a president if given the chance.  All of the rest of the Democratic contenders, and even the Republican contenders are a better choice than John Edwards.  Democrats, don’t vote for Edwards just because you think he is the most electible Democrat.  Swing voters, again, Edwards should be at the bottom of all your other choices.  Republicans, if you’ve given up on the Republican party for what they’ve done over the last few years, please don’t make the mistake of voting for John Edwards.

 Just SAY NO to John Edwards!

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