Update:  11/03/04

The Republican "get-out-the-hate" campaign seems to have been successful in getting George Bush elected for a second term, but I'll leave this article on my website because it still voices my concerns and opposition to Bush's policies.


John Kerry



The state of politics today, and the actions of the Republican political party, have caused me to create this webpage solely for the purpose of endorsing the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. Although I have verbally made clear my voting intentions in past elections, I am of such strong opinion during this political season that I thought a web presence more necessary. So to state it bluntly, I am voting for, and I encourage you to vote for John Kerry for President. I encourage you to tell all your friends to vote for John Kerry. I encourage you to get out and spread the word. But no matter which way you vote, do it for the right and correct reasons. Don't get corralled into voting because of a single issue, if that issue isn't really of national importance. Don't get your information on the Democratic candidate only from Republican sources; likewise don't get your information on President Bush only from Democratic sources. Be logical, be thoughtful, and avoid hypocrisy.

Okay, to be honest, I'm not really all that pro-Kerry, but rather I'm more anti-Bush. I don't even like the vice presidential choice of John Edwards. Oh I think it was a good choice for Kerry and the Democratic party, but I'm not a fan of Edwards. The simple fact of the matter is that I am so against President Bush and his policies, that it's pretty much gotten to the point that I'll vote for anyone but Bush. I despise George Bush and his tactics, and think he is far removed from genuine American values. I'll vote for whoever is on the Democratic ticket this time. And for those that want to know, I'm registered as independent. I've been known to vote for both Republican and Democratic candidates. I'm sure that John Kerry and John Edwards probably represent good issues to vote for, but my main driving force is to vote against Bush, so I'll leave it to others to expound upon the virtues of the Democratic candidates. And yes, I could vote for Ralph Nader, or a libertarian, or some other person running against Bush but given that our political system is still strongly two party, that would be the same as voting for Bush!

I haven't liked George Bush since day one. I considered him dishonest during the 2000 presidential campaign. First he lied about his drunk driving conviction. When asked about potential use of illegal, hard drugs, he never would give a straight answer. This was another obvious attempt at trying to keep something covered up. Then, although he claimed to be a born-again Christian, we found out that if he thought the microphone was off, he would call people bad names. He claimed the United States wasn't a "nation builder", yet has since poured BILLIONS into Iraq, despite the fact that my little girl has to share books in her class. We learned that while governor of Texas, he said that a hand count was the best way to check ballots. Yet when it came to a recount of the votes in Florida, he said it wasn't the best way, thus proving himself to be a hypocrite. Not only that, he petitioned not to even count the votes at all! Why would any supposedly honest person want to win on a technicality? Although legally he is president because of our outdated, unneeded, and flaw ridden electoral system (and some help from the Supreme Court), I can't help but remember that when it comes to the popular vote, he was the SECOND choice of the American people (i.e. Al Gore had more actual counted votes nation wide).

Bush's tax policies

Make no mistake, Bush is there to serve other rich people. His tax policies are meant to first serve the wealthy. Sure, I got back a few hundred dollars, but I didn't need it. I didn't go out and invest it, or spend it, or whatever. I would have rather not had that tax break if it could have went to more people in the lower income bracket. The ones that would actually use it to buy food, pay rent, or make a car payment. The rich are the ones that get the biggest breaks. Here's some trivia for you…Teresa Heinz Kerry (yes, John Kerry's wife) is filthy rich. In 2003, she earned about $5 million. But she only paid about $750K in taxes. In other words, only 15%! When the country is running a deficit, we do not need to be giving money to the rich.

Huge deficit

George Bush took a national surplus and turned it into a huge deficit. He did it by tax breaks for the rich, waging war against Iraq, and big governmental spending. I thought only the "liberals" believed in big government and spending? A huge deficit will only hurt us with high interest rates and inflation down the road.

Immunity for Americans

George Bush wants American soldiers working with the United Nations to have immunity from being prosecuted for the crimes they might commit. Sorry, but this is just plain wrong. Criminals should be tried and if found guilty they should be punished, whether or not they are American. This type of thinking is part of the reason why we have the prisoner abuses in Iraq.

War on Iraq

George Bush claimed that Iraq definitely had weapons of mass destruction. He knew it for a fact. He claimed they were trying to build a nuclear weapon by collecting materials for the purpose. He alleged they were an immediate threat to the United States because they would give these weapons and nuclear bombs to terrorists to use against us. He even suggested that Iraq was somehow linked to Al Qaeda, thus somehow responsible for the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. So George Bush launched a war against Iraq, a sovereign country, without a declaration of war from Congress (Congress of course, being the idiots they are, and fearing political retribution, gave him the power).

Now we have had HUNDREDS of Americans killed waging this war. We've had THOUSANDS of Americans wounded and injured, many with horrific, life altering damage to their bodies. Even though we supposedly "won" this war, and "control" the country of Iraq, Americans continue to die there almost every day. The place has become a breeding ground for terrorists. The world has turned against us because of our unilateral actions. Although Saddam Hussein was a horrible dictator, the Iraqi people continue to suffer because of rampant crime and because Bush was unprepared for the collapse of the government and economic machine. After all of this, we have not found a SINGLE weapon of mass destruction. Not one. We have found that the nuclear threat did NOT exist. We have found that they were NOT linked to Al Qaeda. We have found that they were NOT responsible for the terrorist attacks in 2001. It appears that we have been misled by Bush for whatever reason, at the cost of hundreds of lives, and at the continual cost of lives and our status in the world.

Update 10/19/04:  Now we have had OVER one THOUSAND Americans killed in Iraq.  Terrorists have moved in and control portions of some areas.  There are daily attacks on our troops and the Iraqi people.  And still the reasons Bush claimed for invading Iraq are unproven.  Would you trade over 1000 American lives for Saddam Hussein?  Although he is a horrible person, the world is NOT safer because the actions Bush took in Iraq.

Halliburton (and other) deals in Iraq

It appears that the conquering of Iraq was also a financial windfall for those aligned with George Bush. Millions upon millions of tax payer dollars are being used to pay companies to run and rebuild Iraq. These contracts are only given to those that aligned themselves with George Bush. If a country criticized his attacks, they are denied access. Halliburton, of which Vice President Dick Cheney was over and still has stock in, was given exclusive no bid access to Iraq. This screams conflict of interest! Bush and his cronies are getting richer off the blood of American soldiers and the tax burden of the American people.

Bush sending billions into Iraq

And George Bush continues to send billions of dollars into Iraq, helping his rich friends get richer. As I mentioned before, my own daughter has had to share books in her classroom. Americans should come first. And Bush should be concerned for ALL Americans, not just the rich Republican ones. And he shouldn't put whatever his personal vendetta against Hussein might be, ahead of the American people and America itself.

Travel restrictions to Cuba

George Bush has further tightened travel (and other) restrictions to Cuba. These are particularly damaging to those that only go to visit family members. George Bush has claimed that they only need to see their relatives once every three years. I wonder how he would feel if he could only see his daughters once every three years, or his father and mother? And despite 40 plus years of an embargo, Cuba hasn't changed. It's time to open up relations or at the very least, let families see each other. It's despicable and the fact that Bush tells us where we can and cannot go is just plain un-American.

Return of McCarthyism

Since George Bush has taken office, we've seen a return to the smear tactics of McCarthyism. If you dare question Bush's actions, you're immediately labeled as unpatriotic. If you question his Iraqi policies you'll labeled as unsupportive of our troops. If you dare say anything against him, you're somehow helping the terrorists. It's sickening, and like the 1950s, there is no decency.

Distortion of the truth

Like McCarthyism, George Bush and his cohorts distort the truth for political gain. When he wanted to send $87 billion of tax payers money to Iraq, he claimed that anyone not agreeing with him were against our troops on the front line. The true fact of the matter is that those that voted against it, did so to send a message to Bush that his policies were wrong. The money didn't address everything that was needed. It was borrowed money from giving tax breaks to the rich. Etc. If it comes down to our troops having the equipment they really need, Bush and his cohorts know full well that EVERY senator wants our troops to have them. Yet he distorts the truth to win votes.

Ignoring North Korea.

George Bush went on television and called North Korea part of an axis of evil. Then he refuses to have proper diplomatic relations with them. He won't deal with them. Despite the fact that they probably possess nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that they actually have a missile system that could deliver these weapons to the western continental United States. Despite the fact that the missile is designed so that a third stage could extend it's range to the entire United States. Here we have a country that could directly bomb us with nuclear weapons yet George Bush has taken the approach of sticking his head in the sand. North Korea is a much larger threat than Iraq.

Enemy combatants

George Bush has falsely and incorrectly declared people as enemy combatants. He has done this so that he can put them in prison forever, without EVER charging them with a crime, without EVER telling their family what happened to them, without EVER giving them access to legal representation, without EVER letting them have their day in court. He has denied these people the right to due process and that is about as un-American as you can get. America is about law and order. It is about fairness. It is about treating others as we treat ourselves. Yet George Bush actively campaigns to keep people from being treated fairly. He has moved people to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in an attempt to escape the American court/legal system. And as proof that he's just locking people away without really considering if they are terrorists, after the Iraqi prison scandal, hundreds and thousands of people were released. If all these people were evil terrorists, why in the world are they being released?! If people truly are a danger to us and have committed a crime, let them have their day in court like the Constitution says. I'll even supply the rope to hang them if they are guilty. But to lock them away forever, without due process, shows there is something underhanded at work, something evil, or a combination. It is un-American.

Homosexual marriage

George Bush has said he would change to Constitution to keep homosexuals from getting married. I don't care if the bible does say it's a sin, the government should not be in the business of legislating religion or morality. We have a separation of church and state in this country and it should stay that way. The Islamic states are perfect examples of countries run by religion and I think all Americans can agree that we don't want to go down that road. The Declaration of Independence says that ALL people are equal and that ALL people have a RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness. Denying people a right shared by others simply because of their sexual orientation is wrong, discrimination, against the law, and against the American way.

Stem cell research

George Bush has banned a lot of stem cell research, because of religious reasons. This despite the fact that stem cells research shows a lot of promise in helping combat some of our most worst diseases. Again, religion needs to stay out of government.

Pakistan and nuclear technology

George Bush invaded Iraq because of his claim that they were trying to build a nuclear bomb to give to terrorist. Our government harps on and on about stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Yet when we found out that the "father" of the nuclear bomb in Pakistan had been giving nuclear technology to North Korea, Libya, and even Iran, what did George Bush do? Absolutely nothing. His head went in the sand once again. The Pakistani President even gave the guy a full pardon and still we did nothing. How can we sit still while nuclear technology is being given to a country (Iran) that Bush has labeled as part of the axis of evil?

Use of 9/11 images

George Bush has used images of the 9/11 attack in his campaign commercials. I think it is sickening that he is using the tragedy of the attacks for his political gain. He can mention his alleged "leadership" without those images. He is ONLY using those images because he wants an emotional response from the voters. It's disgusting.

Photography of caskets

George Bush and his administration has barred the media from taking pictures of the flag draped caskets of our returning war dead. He says it's out of respect for the families. I think that's a blatant lie. As we've seen in the past, pictures of our war dead brings the images of war to the American people. It allows them to see the direct cost of waging war. Bush doesn't want to allow that because he fears he'll lost support and votes.

Prescription drugs

As everyone has noticed, healthcare costs have sky rocketed.  Slimy, greedy doctors think their "right" to be a millionaire comes first.  Hospitals and their executives think they should be millionaires.  Drug company executives think they should be millionaires.  The result is that we all pay much, much more than is reasonable for health services.  Democrats and others, have proposed we change the laws so that we can get drugs from Canada at a much, much lower cost.  It's the same exact drug that you are paying big bucks for in the United States.  But George Bush and his Republican machine are against this.  Bush has said the drugs from Canada aren't safe.  More than likely, he's in the pocket of drug company lobbyists.  If you disagree, consider where Bush is saying we're going to get the flu vaccine to make up for shortages this year.  That's right, Canada!  Why?  Because the flu vaccine doesn't hurt his rich drug company friends since they don't make it (i.e. not a competitor).  And secondly, it would make for bad politics if he didn't get more flu vaccine and we have a bad outbreak.  Canadian drugs magically go from dangerous to good when they benefit Bush and his friends.  I long for the good old days when hypocrisy was more subtle.

Vietnam War

George Bush is a draft dodger.  Bill Clinton was one too.  Sorry folks, but I make no distinction between those that hid in Canada and those that used legal means to avoid going to Vietnam.  The intent and outcome was exactly the same, they kept from being sent to Vietnam and into harm's way.  Now is that really a bad thing?  To some people it is.  It seems to be a big deal to the Republicans because I remember them calling Bill Clinton a draft dodger and comparing him to their "war hero" Bob Dole.  Well when it comes to THIS election and the Vietnam War, George Bush loses by default.  No matter how good or bad John Kerry's war record might be, you can't get around the simple fact that he VOLUNTEERED and he WENT.  He was wounded three times and even still has shrapnel in his body (I think).  George Bush got his daddy to pull some strings so he could get a coveted position in the National Guard, which guaranteed he would not have to go.  Not only that, there is some serious question as to whether Bush even showed up for all of his state side duty.  And I wonder if anyone Bush got pushed ahead of actually ended up going over there and dying?  So Republicans should leave John Kerry's war record and the Vietnam War alone because their draft dodging candidate will always come out on the bottom.

As for draft dodger Dick Cheney, he apparently had "other priorities" other than serving his country during the Vietnam War.

Corruption of the Republican Party

More and more each day I am convinced that the Republican party is corrupted beyond all help.  The blatant hypocrisy and negative attacks is all you hear.  It's almost enough to make me change my voter registration to the Democratic Party.  They never admit any wrong doing.  When you have a party that is willing to accept anything...when you have a party that doesn't condemn the bad things its members do....when you have a party that thinks their members can do no wrong...you have something wrong with the party itself.  Distortion of truth and negative ads are the majority of stuff put out by the Republicans.  And given that Republican John McCain has actually spoken out against such things (I'd currently vote for him in a heartbeat), I fully expect that any day now the Republican party will disown him and start bashing his war record (similar to what they did to a southern Democratic candidate that was actually missing THREE limbs from fighting in Vietnam).  It's sickening.

Some final thoughts

For those of you silly enough to vote because of what religion a candidate belongs to, or their take on guns issues, or abortion, or whatever, it's time to actually turn on your brain and think for a change.  While Bush may claim to be a Christian, we have found out that when he thinks the microphone is off, he's far from being a true Christian.  He is more like a "Jimmy Swaggart" kind of Christian, that puts on a show for the cameras on Sunday, but is sinning in the gutter the rest of the week.  I'm not saying John Kerry is any better, but you're an idiot of you really think Bush is some kind of saint.  He's talking the talk ONLY to get votes.  That's politics.  His stance on abortion?  Well he's been in office for four years yet we still have abortion.  I guarantee if one of his partying, fake id toting daughters got knocked up and didn't want to have it, he'd be down at the clinic with them fast enough to make your head spin.  You need to THINK, and realize that Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court make the laws in land.  You need to be concerned with what the president of this country can do via executive order, like declare war on other countries, send your children to die over seas, or lock people away forever without the benefit of due process (i.e. un-American stuff).  You need to be concerned with the policies that can actually affect the country instead of his personal opinions on religion, homosexuals, or whatever.  If not, you might get a guy that will send the country and the economy to hell in a hand basket,  and you're voting for him just because you both share the same favorite color!  And PLEASE, AGAIN, don't rely on political commercials to find out where the other guy stands.  If they're not outright lies, the truth is so distorted you won't be able to tell the difference.  And don't believe your friends and neighbors either.  They are just as ignorant, or have their own agenda.  I've already heard from some of my friends that think that the so-called "weapons of mass destruction" have actually been found (I guess the liberal media conspiracy is keeping it quiet), and they're convinced that Iraq is directly responsible for the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.  Think, people!

If you want to know Kerry's stance on something, go to HIS website to find out.

There you have it. Those are most of the reasons why I just cannot vote for George Bush and why I am voting for John Kerry. I think George Bush is about as un-American as a president can be. He goes against our Declaration of Independence. He goes against our Constitution. He goes against the American ideal of doing what is right, what is fair, and treating others the way we want to be treated.


John Kerry



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