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Comet Hale-Bopp, 04/01/97

Last update:  05/10/16

All times given are for my local time zone, which is Eastern Daylight Time. I update this page when I have time.

Recent Observing Sessions

Observed the Mercury transit of the sun on May 9, 2016.  Check out my image on my Solar page.

Projects & Updates

Nothing much new.  I've abandoned my old observatory plans and I'm working on a new structure.  A few details are on my Observatory Plans Page.

Non-Astronomy Projects & Updates

Nothing much, still just working on various issues with the "new" house.

Upcoming Events

Mars is reaching opposition.

The Planet Report  (Last update:  05/10/16)

Jupiter is about 60 degrees above the southern horizon at sunset making it a great evening target.

Mars rises about 9:15pm making it a great late night target.  It's currently approaching opposition when means more details can be seen.

Saturn rises not too long after Mars at about 9:52pm making it a great late night target.  With it's ring system, it's always a delight in the eyepiece.

Pluto rises about 12:11am making it better suited for early morning observing.

Neptune is about 32 degrees above the southeastern horizon at sunrise making it a good morning target.

Uranus is about 16 degrees above the eastern horizon at sunrise.  It might be too close to the morning glow for any decent observations.

Venus is only about 2 degrees above the east northeastern horizon at sunrise so it's lost in the sun's glare.  And it's moving closer to the sun as it transitions to the evening sky.

Mercury just made a solar transit on May 9, 2016 so it's currently lost in the sun's glare.  It will be a morning target later on.


Lunar Phase


New Moon May 6, 2016
First Quarter May 13, 2016
Full Moon May 21, 2016
Third Quarter May 29, 2016
New Moon June 4, 2016
First Quarter June 12, 2016
Full Moon June 20, 2016
Third Quarter June 27, 2016
New Moon July 4, 2016
First Quarter July 11, 2016
Full Moon July 19, 2016
Third Quarter July 26, 2016
New Moon Aug. 2, 2016

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