JeffPo's New York Page

Last update:  10/12/97

New York CityThis is a shot of New York City from the Navy sailboat, Rainbeau.  We sailed there in July of 1986 as part of my midshipman training at NC State University and to participate in the 100th birthday celebration of the Statue of Liberty.

World Trade CenterThis is the World Trade Center towers as seen from our sailboat.  I actually took the elevator ride to the top of one of them.  Man, are they tall!!!  I also accidentally ordered a prune danish in the restaurant up there...yuck!!!

Statue of Liberty, with flagThis is the Statue of Liberty as seen from our boat.  A passing ferry boat provided the American flag.  It thought that was appropriate for the 4th of July.

Sailboat on the way to New YorkThis is a sailboat we passed during our New York voyage.  With the sun and wind in his sails, I thought it made a pretty picture.

Empire State BuildingHere's a shot of the Empire State building.  One can hardly visit New York without snapping a shot of this famous building.

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