JeffPo's Oregon Coast Page

Last update:  07/01/98

Cabin on Oregon coastHere's a cabin we stayed in (center of picture) on the Oregon coast (June, 1998).  Notice the small sea cave in the rocks?

Oregon coast from the cabinHere's a view of part of the beach from the deck of the cabin.

Seagull at Oregon cabinHere's a seagull that hung around the cabin all the time.

Lynn feeding birdVictoria feeding birdHere's why he hung around.  We fed him by hand all the time!!!

AnemonesHere are my first views of anemones. These wiggly, sticky, tentaclely sea creatures attach themselves to the rocks and live in the tidal pools.

AnemonesHere are some pink anemones with sand dollar fragments.

Victoria touching anemonesHere's Victoria, with Lola, touching anemones.  When touched, they would "draw" up tight.

StarfishHere's a starfish I found attached to a rock.

Haystack rockIn the distance, you see Cannon beach and Haystack Rock.

Haystack rockHere's another shot of Haystack Rock.

Lynn in front of the NeedlesHere's a shot of Lynn standing in front of a couple of rocks called the Needles.

The NeedlesHere's a shot of just the Needles.

Sand castles at Cannon beachEvery year that have a sand castle competition at Cannon Beach.

Sand Castle at Cannon BeachI thought this dragon castle was really cool!

Green moss at the base of Haystack rockSome of rocks around the base of Haystack rock were covered with slippery, green moss.

Starfish clusterHere's a cluster of starfish and other creatures.  I thought it was a neat contrast between the orange starfish and the purple starfish.

sea slug?Here I was, up to my tail in frigid water, trying to take a picture of a starfish, I look down and see this creature crawling along the bottom of the tidal pool.  I think it is a sea slug.

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