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Last update:  07/01/98

Family up at Mt. RainierHere's a shot of the entire family at Paradise, Mt. Rainier.  This was taken during June of 1998 during our vacation.  I set the timer on the camera and ran to get into the picture.

Mount Rainier, WashingtonThat's majestic Mount Rainier.  It is a dormant volcano of the Cascade Range in west central Washington. At 14,410 ft, it is one of the highest mountains in the United States.  It's a great place to play!!!  You can always find some snow to play in.

Tunnel along the road around Mt. RainierAs you drive through and around Mount Rainier, this is one of tunnels you go through.  I thought it made a nice picture.

Mt. Rainier with less snowHere's a shot of Rainier during a particularly dry season.  A lot more of the mountain can be seen since there is less snow.

Me and Mt. RainierThis is a shot of me on Mt. Rainier.  It was taken by a friend during the summer of 1991.  Since it was during the middle of summer, it really wasn't all that cold.  There's so much snow up there that it is always around.

View from Mt. RainierHere's one of the views from Paradise park on Mt. Rainier.

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