Soap Box:  Ban Same-Sex Marriage?

October 18, 2005

Are there any valid reasons for the government to ban same-sex marriages?  I do not think the law should ban them, but apparently others do.

So far, here are the things I have been hearing from same-sex marriage opponents:

1) It is against the law.

Legality is no measure of validity or correctness. Slavery and denying women the vote use to be legal. Laws change with the times. Same-sex people want to get married and there is no legal reason to deny them that right. I doubt the people that cite this reason will support same-sex marriage if it becomes law.

2) Public opinion is against it.

Using the same examples as before, public opinion use to support slavery. Being in the majority does not equate to being right. A democracy and republic also has to represent its minority citizens. I doubt the people that cite this reason will support same-sex marriage if public opinion changes.

3) Homosexuals are gay by choice.

Uh...who cares? Whether homosexuality is genetics or choice is irrelevant to the issue of same-sex marriage. Besides, freedom and liberty is about choosing what you want to do. We have plenty of laws that are about us deciding things by choice rather than nature.

4) Marriage should only be for those that can procreate.

I have yet to see those silly enough to cite this reason also claim that old people should be banned from getting married. How about the sterile? How about those that are barren? How about those that just do not want to have children? Unless all these others are going to be banned, same-sex marriage cannot be logically banned based on this reason.

5) It will attack or destroy traditional marriage.

Same-sex marriages will only affect those that are getting married. Same-sex marriages will have no bearing, what so ever, on opposite-sex marriages. Traditional marriage will still exist. This reason has absolutely no logic.

6) God bans it.

Religion used in government is unconstitutional. Religion should not be used to create legislature, period. There is to be a separation of church and state. Trying to ban same-sex marriages based on religion crosses that boundary.

7) Same-sex marriage will spread disease.

The silly people that cite this reason are apparently ignorant of the multitude of diseases spread every day by opposite-sex couples. Visit your local health clinic and get educated!

8) Same-sex marriage will create unstable/bad family dynamics.

How many same-sex couples have you heard about that beat their kids to death? How many same-sex couples have you heard about that lock their kids in the basement and starve them to death? How many beat their partners? Same-sex marriages has a long ways to go before it catches up to the damage done by opposite-sex marriages.

I believe it boils down to people thinking homosexuals are sinful and/or evil, and they think same-sex marriage should be banned because of it. They might try to cite all these other reasons, but I think religious reasons are the base.

The bottom line is that yes, I think the Holy Bible is quite clear that homosexual behavior is sinful. I do not know what other religions/bibles/gods have to say on the matter. I think true homosexuals are that way by genetics, though I do not know for sure. But I do know that what the gods have to say on the matter and what nature says is irrelevant when it comes to government and legislature. There should be no law banning same-sex marriages. Preach against it in your churches, meetings, literature, and prayers. Do not perform same-sex marriages in your churches. But do not ask my government to discriminate against people because of their choice in sexual/family/marital partners. It is wrong, it is unconstitutional, and it is un-American.

Jeff Polston

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