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Last update:  07/01/98

Seattle from West SeattleThis is a shot of Seattle from the shores of West Seattle, across Puget Sound.  Notice the Space Needle to the far left.  Also, I think that the tall black building to far right is suppose to be the tallest west of the Mississippi River (so I've heard).  To turn off the sun and see the city at night, click on the image.  :)

Space NeedleThis is a shot of the Space Needle, which was built for the 1962 World's Fair.  My wife actually took this image with a point and shoot camera, out the window of the car as we drove by.  It looks kind of neat.  There's a rotating restaurant at the top that we went to a couple of times.

Seattle from Lake UnionHere's a timed exposure shot of Seattle from Lake Union.  It was taken from Gas Works park.  I really liked the color of the light reflected in the water.

Family at Space NeedleHere's a shot of Lynn, Victoria, and Jonathan in front of the Space Needle (June, 1998).

Fountain at Seattle CenterHere's a shot of the fountain at the Seattle Center (June, 1998).  When we lived in Seattle there were rocks surrounding the fountain.  Now the public can play in the water.  A much better idea!!!

Seattle Center fountainHere's another shot of the fountain at the Seattle Center as it kicks up a rainbow.

Seattle Center monorailHere's the Seattle Center monorail, pulling out of the station.

Lynn picks an appleFor those of you who know Lynn, you know she is crazy about apples.  Here she takes 10 years trying to find the one that is just right at Pike's Place Market (June, 1998).

Victoria and pigMy daughter Victoria rides a bronze pig at Pike's Place Market in Seattle (June, 1998).

Lynn, Jonathan, SeattleHere's Lynn and Jonathan smiling for the camera in Seattle.  This is also at Pike's Place Market (June, 1998).

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