JeffPo's Snow Page

Last update:  01/25/00

I decided to put up this temporary page so that everyone could see the snow we are getting.  What is it with North Carolina?  Most of the time it seems a paradise.  But I guess for living in such a great place we have to put up with mother nature every now and then.  Sometimes our summers have over 100 degree days.  Then we get hurricanes that huff and puff and try to blow our houses down.  Some winters are mild, even with flowers blooming.  Then we get a week like this past one.  We had our third snowfall within a week last night.  This last one was really big.  We have a couple of feet of snow out there.  When it finally quit snowing, I went out and snapped a few pictures.

This is the view looking across the street from my house at a little meadow and pond.

Here's my house from the road.  Notice the perfectly manicured lawn?  :)

Here's a snowy scene at the edge of my lot.

Here's my front door.  Notice how the snow drift is up over the steps?  This is some pretty deep snow for central North Carolina.

Here's Victoria's swing in the backyard.

Here's MY swing in the backyard...wishing for summer days again!

The wind really was howling during the snow storm.  This "snow shelf" formed along the back edge of our roof.

Here you see how the snow got plastered to the wall and how deep it is on our deck.

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