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Last update:  10/12/97

Moun Saint HelensThis is Mount Saint Helens, which is an active volcano in southwestern Washington. It had been dormant since 1857 but "blew its top" on May 18, 1980. As a result of the eruption, the mountain's elevation was decreased from 9677 ft to 8364 ft.  From where I snapped this picture, the surrounding area looked like the surface of the moon.

Mount Saint Helens, zoomed in shotThis is a zoomed in shot of the Mount Saint Helens crater.  That white spot just below the crater rim, near the center (to the left a little), is actually steam rising.  It was more evident in the print than this scanned image.

This is Spirit Lake, or what's left of it.  It was once a beautiful mountain lake but now it's just a giant mudhole.  The debris you see in the lake are actually trees that were blown into the lake.  There was a whole forest floating in the there.

As you can see by this shot, all of the surrounding trees were flattened like match sticks.  Of course the ones near the volcano were blown away.

Trees blown down around St. HelensHere's a closer shot of the trees blown down around Mt. Saint Helens.  Keep in mind that these are BIG trees.

Barren, as far as you can seeHere's a shot looking toward Mt. Rainier (I think...might have been a mountain down south).  For about as far as you can see, everything was wiped out during the blast.

Mt. Saint Helens, other sideThis is a view of Mt. Saint Helens from the other side of the volcano.

Mt. Saint Helens lava tubeThis is the entrance to an ancient lava tube.  We had a lot of fun exploring these caves.  They go for a mile or so and it's pitch black and rather chilly.  The passage varies a lot.  Sometimes you're in giant "rooms" and sometimes your'e in narrow "hallways".

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