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Last update:  04/02/02

You'll find images of various waterfalls that I've visited below.  Enjoy.

Multnomah Falls.  This is one of the best waterfalls beside of the Columbia River on the Oregon side.  I had to stand in the rain and mist to snap this shot.  Even with my 28mm wide lens, I still couldn't get the entire falls.  Spring 1994.

Latourall Falls.  This is another beautiful waterfall beside of the Columbia River, on the Oregon side.  It was kind of hidden in the trees.  Spring 1994.

This is a shot of Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.  They are really magnificent.  The rate of flow does vary and on this, my very first time visiting and hiking, they were kicking of enough mist to form a lovely rainbow.  Summer 1991.

Snoqualmie Falls, from observation platformHere's a shot of Snoqualmie Falls from the observation platform (June, 1998).

Victoria and I at the base of Snoqualmie FallsHere's a shot of Victoria and I at the base of Snoqualmie Falls (June, 1998).  I set the timer on the camera, and ran to get in the picture.

Linville FallsThis is a shot of Linville Falls, North Carolina.  They are located near the Grand Father Mountain area.  Next time I travel to the area, I want to get a better shot.  There's another path that takes you to the area around the base of the falls.  That way, you can get a better idea of the size.  Late summer 1988.

Here's a shot of the Upper Cascades water fall at Hanging Rock State Park, NC.  There were actually a series of falls below this one and a chute of some sort but I didn't get to explore it.  Maybe next time.  March 2002.

Tory Falls, Hanging Rock State Park, NC..  This is a pretty easy hike but the cliffs at the edge of the falls can spook you a little if you get too close.  :)  March 2002.

Lower Cascades Falls, Hanging Rock State Park, NC.  The view from the top is good and bad.  If you like looking over the edge of a sheer cliff, then it's good.  But the bad part is that you have to bravely inch yourself to the edge of the abyss to get a decent look at the waterfall.  And even then you can't really take it all in.  But if you hike down to the bottom, via some slippery rocks, you'll get a great view of the water fall.  In fact, like the Upper Cascades, you can easily get right under the water if you want.  March 2002.

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