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Total Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 1996

I've had an interest in astronomy and the stars from a very early age.  Back before you were required to strap kids in car seats and seatbelts (a very good thing), I remember laying in the back dash of my parents car, looking at the stars through the back windshield.  I was always amazed at the sheer number of stars seen and stars with color always grabbed my attention (especially red ones).  In the 4th grade, my elementary school had a book fair and that's when I purchased my first book on the stars and planets.  I still have it!  In the 5th grade I got my first view of Jupiter through a telescope on a camping trip and I was hooked.  I got my first telescope, a Sears 60mm refractor, when I was in the 6th grade and I was off and running.  I am currently a member of the Raleigh Astronomy Club.

Recent News & Events (latest update:  05/10/16,  I update this when I have time)

Observing Notes (latest update:  04/22/14)

Articles (latest update:  10/05/16)  Added article on building a blinking tripod marker.

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Telescopes & Equipment

AstroPhotography (latest update:  05/10/16) Mercury transit!

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